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Gaby’s 8 Quick Tips for Furniture Shopping

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Buying new furniture can be a fun and exciting process – though perhaps also daunting. For instance, one is faced with the challenge of choosing from a near-infinite array of colors, styles, and materials, as well as considering price, quality, coordination, and other factors.

Thankfully, there is Copenhagen, where customer service is a priority and where the sales team and designers are keen to help you tackle any project, big or small. Gaby Mielnik, who works at Copenhagen’s San Antonio location, says, “I started as a customer here and was so enamored with the store that I applied for – and got! – the sales associate position.”

Mielnik’s experience as both a customer and salesperson gives her a unique insight on furniture buying. Here are her eight quick tips for getting the most out of your furniture shopping – at Copenhagen, or anywhere fine furniture is sold.


1. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Part of the quintessential Copenhagen experience is being greeted when you enter by a friendly sales associate who introduces themself and offers their assistance. But, even if you go in for a casual look and find yourself with questions later, feel free to ask for help at any point. “We are as excited as you to be here!” says Mielnik. “Our goal as sales associates is to make your experience as easy and pleasurable as we can.”

If you prefer communicating online, Copenhagen offers a live chat option – staffed by knowledgeable and responsive members of the web team – that lets you ask questions from the convenience of your home.

2. Give yourself time.

Mielnik observes, “It’s easy for customers to get laser-focused, especially when they are looking for a specific piece.” However, it’s also important to allow yourself time to explore all that the collection has to offer. By strolling through Copenhagen’s expansive showrooms with furniture arranged in home-like vignettes, you might find something better than you imagined – or something you didn’t even know you needed.

“If you’ve never been to Copenhagen, be prepared to spend some time with us,” says Mielnik. “But don’t worry – if you need a break, we have bathrooms and a coffee bar for your convenience.”

3. Get hands-on.

Sure, that sectional or recliner may look stunning online – and maybe you’ve heard great things about it too. Even so, nothing beats the experience of testing out furniture for yourself – especially pieces you’ll be using every day. Discover in-person how different leathers and fabrics feel against your skin, gauge comfort levels, and try out different features like power motion.

Mielnik encourages customers to “touch, open, sit, recline, rock, and swivel” to get a feel for various Copenhagen pieces. For instance, the power-motion Max Recliner by Stressless lets you lean back, put your legs up, swivel, and glide, all while offering top-tier lumbar and neck support – plus three sizes to fit nearly any body type.

“If you’re not sure how a piece works – ask us,” Mielnik adds. “For instance, we have tables that turn into beautiful works of art.” Why not try opening the Ellipse Motion Cocktail Table with its intricate exposed gearwork, or unfurling the flower-shaped tabletops of the Italian-made MyFlower Table?

4. Explore your options.

Maybe you love the design of a chair – but wish it came in your favorite color. With Copenhagen offering custom options for a number of brands, you may be able to special order a piece that’s “just right for your space,” Mielnik says. She advises customers to “Always ask for availability, configuration, color options, and delivery. And explore what each brand has to offer – types of fabrics, grades of leather, varieties of wood or metal.”

For instance, Stressless lets you customize your recliner by choosing from over a dozen style variations, as well as four grades of leather, and over 60 color options! Incanto, a premier Italian brand, offers ten types of leather in over 50 colors, as well as five fabric options and multiple finishes of metal and wood.

5. Take pictures.

Photographs are one of the most helpful tools to aid in furniture shopping – “They let you bring home the ideas you gather from our showroom,” Mielnik says. She specifically recommends taking a picture of a furniture piece from different angles, as well as the larger setup and the price tag. “This helps you not only visualize a piece in your home,” she adds, “but also assists you with budgeting.”

6. Harness the power of technology.

The exciting addition of new software to Copenhagen’s site means you have more options than ever for visualizing furniture in your space. For instance, all associates are trained in Floorplanner software that enables them to help you design a virtual room where you can test out different looks.

Furthermore, Copenhagen is integrating a 3D viewer on its product pages that allows you to see furniture from any angle – such as the intricate star-shaped legs of Cattelan Italia’s Atari Coffee Table that need a 360° view to fully appreciate.

Perhaps most impressive is the Augmented Reality feature in 3D mode that lets you discover (on compatible devices) what a piece will look like in your very own home!

7. Visit as many times as you want.

Don’t be shy about returning for repeat visits, whether to take a second look at a product or to see what’s new. Being a regular customer also lets you build a rapport with one or more sales associates, creating a more personalized shopping experience.

8. Follow your heart.

Lastly, if there’s a piece you’re drawn to that you just can’t get out of your head, that may be a sign to buy it! Copenhagen vets its vendors to ensure that we only carry furniture of the highest quality, so you can rest assured that everything from that Italian power-motion leather sectional to that minimalist end table is built to last. Mielnik says, “With Copenhagen’s timeless pieces, you’ll be making memories for years to come. Buy what you love!”

Visit your local Copenhagen to discover premium contemporary furniture and meet our associates – like Gaby Mielnik – who can help you shop smarter and create the home of your dreams.