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Five Comfortable Benefits of a Modern Platform Bed

Times change and styles evolve. In the 21st century, a modern platform bed will add a touch of class to your bedroom. It is a stylish addition that's guaranteed to help you sleep better at night. A platform bed is a sound investment in comfort and class that you will appreciate night after night as you lay down to sleep. Of all the benefits it has to offer, the following are five well-worth considering:

1. No BoxspringYou can safely ditch the boxspring with a modern platform bed. That’s because the bed is designed to provide a solid foundation for the mattress to rest upon. By removing the boxspring from the sleep equation, you will have one less thing to worry about replacing when it wears out.

2. Fewer Parts. Traditional beds require a mattress, boxspring, bed supports, and frames. These all cost money that you can put to better use. With a modern platform bed, all you need is the frame and the mattress. Fewer parts mean that it’s easier to set the bed up, and easier to break it down when the time comes to move to a new home.

3. Sleek Styling. Platform beds are crafted and designed to become an integral part of modern interior design trends. They are available in a wide range of styles and finishes which make it easy to select a bed that best fits your design preferences. The result is a comfortable and cohesive modern home.

4. Better Sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, it could possibly be because your boxspring has worn out both its usefulness and its welcome. A modern platform bed provides the support your back needs to rest and recover after a long day on your feet. The more nights that you sleep on your bed, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be during the day.

5. Space for Storage. Storage space is a small benefit that can have a big impact in a crowded home or apartment. Modern platform beds feature plenty of space beneath them where you can store everything from your winter wardrobe to your summertime gear.

We invite you to contact Copenhagen to learn more about the modern platform bed designs we have available. Our associates will be happy to answer your questions and help you select the bed that best suits your style and desire for comfort.