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Find Your Muse with the Help of a Modern Writing Desk

For many years, offices were filled with large oak desks sprouting shelving units and filing cabinets. The larger the desks got, the more cluttered and overwhelming they became. With more offices running paperless, it is the ideal time to go back to a basic, yet elegant, modern writing desk. Clean up your work space and give yourself room to breathe by eliminating all the extras.

Small Footprint

The modern writing desk is made to maximize the use of your space. Instead of a giant T-shaped monolith that spans your entire office and extends out onto your floor space, a writing desk is a simple freestanding table. It offers a large enough workspace to get things done, without the extra clutter.

Simplified Workspace

One reason people choose to use a modern writing desk in their office instead of a more robust surface is the simplicity. Most writing desks are not large enough to support extra computer monitors, printers, large stacks of papers, and other distractions. By giving yourself a smaller amount of space to keep organized it is easier to keep your focus on the tasks at-hand, without becoming sidetracked.

Modern Style

Another benefit of modern writing desks includes the wide variety of style and color options. Since designers can focus solely on the creation of the desk that is beautiful on its own, they can be more creative with shape and layout, while giving you more interesting designs that will inspire you at work.

A modern writing desk is a great way to declutter your work space, while rediscovering the simplicity of a clean office. These desks are perfect for fitting into small spaces or adding an refined focal point to the center of your office.

Copenhagen Living carries a large selection of modern writing desks for any home or business office. Visit us online to see desk styles from some of our most popular designers.