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The Evolution of the Modern Arm Chair

The arm chair is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture ever designed. It has been used as both a focal piece of décor as well as a functional part of the home. It has also been the centerpiece of a comfortable living area. Over the years it has gone through interesting changes which finally culminated into what we now think of as the modern arm chair. Today, the modern arm chair has found a middle ground between ornamental and comfort, where it is both aesthetically pleasing and an important piece of any functional living space.

Design Over Time

The modern arm chair is made differently than chairs of the past. Instead of uncomfortable hard wood or plastic underneath minimal cushioning, designers went into a new direction by creating overflowing arm chairs with large billowy arm rests and cushions that nearly enveloped the whole body. Finally, they settled on the modern arm chair: a sleek middle ground that provides ample comfort without being too overwhelming.


Arm chair designs have also gone through many evolutions in fabric, as well as design. Many older wood and plastic designs were covered in colorfully dyed leather or leather substitutes. There were also countless types of floral fabrics. Today, designers prefer the monochromatic black, white and grey leathers which are a mainstay of the ultra-modern look. Metallic legs with chrome or black finishes complete the look.

Designers continue showcasing their creativity with today’s modern arm chair by releasing new designs that grab the eye. Copenhagen Living has a wide selection of modern armchairs that fit hand in hand with your other living room furniture including matching sets. To view the entire Copenhagen Living selection, visit us online today.