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Discover Unmatched Versatility and Functionality with A Copenhagen Buffet

Utility pieces owe their reputation to the versatility they offer in terms of functionality. Ranked highly in the list of some of the most versatile pieces are buffet pieces. Buffets offer versatility because they can be used in more than one space without looking out of place. Although originally designed for use in the dining room, these pieces can be used as credenza desks in offices or even in the bedroom as dressers. Some audacious people even use these pieces in their kitchen to provide extra space for the utensils and utilize the extensive top for other kitchen activities.

A Copenhagen buffet is one such piece that will receive a lot of attention in any room of the house. Here are 4 reasons why many have fallen in love with Copenhagen buffets and you will too.


No matter which space these buffets are used in, they never disappoint when it comes to functionality. A buffet offers significant room for storage and additional extensive working space on its top. No matter which space this piece calls home, it will always be of great use. In the dining room, the drawers can be used to store cutlery and other utensils while the top can be used as extra dining space. In the bedroom, it can be used with a mirror as a vanity for your beauty products and accessories. In the office it can be used to store important documents with the top part used as a side surface.


Add elegance and élan to your home. Its classy finish will add flair and character to any space without drawing too much attention to itself. Your buffet can also be used to create focal points, especially in a bedroom where it can break up a blank wall or make your room more versatile.


Copenhagen buffets are made from strong, high quality wood or lacquer, which makes them durable. Durability is an important aspect of modern day furniture because you don’t want to invest your hard earned money into furniture pieces that will fall apart in no time. These beautiful pieces of furniture are capable of withstanding heavy use with minimal maintenance.


Considering its versatility and the functionality they offer, Copenhagen buffets are a bargain, ranging from just under $700 to $3500. This is why so many people are rushing to get these pieces.

Visit Copenhagen Living today and land yourself a versatile piece that will add flair to your home and see why you’ll love the functionality and beauty it brings to your home or office.