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Design Tips for Creating a More Open, Spacious Dining Room

Smaller or unconventionally shaped spaces in a home sometimes require a bit of creative thinking to make them feel cozy and inviting. When reworking your dining setup, it can be difficult to add functionality while also making the room feel spacious. Here are four tips to consider when refreshing the design of your dining space to make it feel roomier. 

Light is your friend

A good source of light can help make a small room feel bigger. If your dining room includes a window, maximize the natural light by hanging a mirror on the opposite wall or nearby to reflect more light around the room. You can also hang a pendant lamp above your dining table to illuminate the focal point of the room without taking up floor space. Whether contemporary or modern, a pendant can add a new design element to any type of environment.

Measure and minimize

To fully understand the space you’re working with, take specific measurements and reference photos, and use painter’s tape to map out furniture placement. Make sure you also plan out potential seating and walking areas.

Trying to wedge more items than can reasonably fit in a space can make your dining area feel crowded. Instead, carefully calculate how many seats you can fit comfortably, so that you and your guests are comfortable during the meal.

Make sure you choose a dining table that is proportionate to the room. A glass table gives the illusion of taking up less space, while an extendable table allows you to easily accommodate differing numbers of guests. The Crystal table, for example, has a round clear glass top that floats above a simple, sculptural base for a light, clean look. If you like the feel and warmth of walnut wood, the Jones Table by Skovby of Denmark has a stationary diameter of 48” that extends to 58” to seat up to 9 people.

While planning your setup, you can also utilize wall and corner areas to maximize the available floor space. A narrow corner space could house a slim display cabinet like the Bella Vita, enabling you to showcase treasured china or dishware, as well as store placemats and linens. If you have serveware you’d like to display, the Calypso Bar Tower has integrated stemware storage and spacious, open shelves while maintaining a minimal footprint.

In terms of seating, choosing a chair with a sled base like Paige or Manta creates more space around your dining setup and keeps the look clutter-free. Bench seats are also a great way to get the most out of your space and can be mixed with traditional dining chairs for an eclectic look.

Balance light colors and accents

Though lighter paint colors can help a room appear larger, you can still add contrast with bold accents.

Consider keeping your main furnishings neutral-toned, while bringing in brighter colors through accessories like vasesartwork, and rugs. You can accent a glass table and white chairs with a cobalt blue vase or add vibrant wall art to a monochromatic dining room for a pop of color.

Use adjoining spaces and add personal touches

Open-concept dining areas have a lot of flexibility to merge with the spaces around it. In the past year and a half, many of us have used our dining spaces as classrooms, conference rooms, and more. Make the most out of your space by opting for an expandable table that extends into a nearby seating area, or by choosing a shape and style that can suit multiple purposes.

When redesigning your dining space, it’s easy to become overly focused on function. Remember to make the space your own! An abstract sculpture on a buffet, or a modern mirror over it, along with simple white curtains, can freshen up the room and still leave it looking open and spacious.

Updating your small space can seem overwhelming at first, but creating a space that suits your lifestyle can be easy with a little design help. Visit your local Copenhagen location to get more tips and ideas on how to make your space feel bigger from our experienced salespeople.