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Coordinating Modern Bedroom Furniture to Create Elegance

Bella Farfalla bedroom by Alf Italia

It is easy to create an elegant aesthetic using modern bedroom furniture. Sleek and refined, the sharp lines and subtle curves of everything from the bed to the nightstand blend together to create seamless transitions that flow throughout the room. Coordinating colors, shapes, and styles will go a long way towards creating the comfort you crave.

1. Choose a color palette

Start by selecting a color palette for the furniture, walls, and floor. Choosing colors that offer a gentle contrast helps highlight the furniture. Therefore, if you decide on darker wall and flooring colors, you will want to select lighter pieces of furniture. Conversely, dark furniture will work best with lighter colored walls and flooring. When choosing your modern color palette aim to include light browns, deep grays, blacks, and whites. These look beautiful when coupled with brightly contrasting linens and curtain colors.

2. Decide on the perfect bed

Coordinating also requires choosing a bed that matches the room. A room with low ceilings should include a bed with a low headboard. On the same note, a room with tall ceilings will come to life if the headboard reaches high up the wall. The same is true with all of the pieces in the room. If the piece is too large, it will crowd the space. Similarly, if the room has tall ceilings, small furniture will feel Lilliputian.

3. Spruce up with storage

Another aspect to consider is storage space. Modern bedroom storage furniture, including nightstands, dressers, and chests can give you all the storage you need. When choosing these pieces, it is best to select fewer pieces that have larger storage capacity, rather than more pieces that offer less storage. Remember, too many pieces of furniture will clutter the room and make it feel confined and less comfortable.

4. Finish with bedroom extras

In addition to your bed, dresser, and nightstands, it is a good idea to include additional pieces of modern bedroom furniture into your decor. Coat racks, mirrors, and side chairs will enhance the overall appearance and comfort of the room. These pieces tie everything together to create an elegant appearance that is solid and bold. Like painting a picture, these additional pieces are the details that will definitely be noticed.

We invite you to contact Copenhagen to learn more about the modern bedroom furniture we have available. We will be happy to help you choose the pieces that best match your needs and create the appealing appearance you desire within your home.