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Company is Coming! Tips on Choosing a Sofa Sleeper

The beauty of sofa sleepers lies in their versatility and seamless transition from sitting to sleeping space. A well-placed sleeper can greatly increase the flexibility and utility of your home spaces and is an easy way to upgrade any room. What can sometimes be challenging is choosing from among the wide variety of styles and mechanisms, and deciding which features will best align with your lifestyle needs.

Here, we’ll share some things to keep in mind when selecting a sleeper sofa, along with some insights from our Austin store manager, Bard Strand, about what to know before you buy.

Start by considering usage.

Start by considering how much your sleeper sofa will be used. Will it meet the demands of temporary, occasional guests, or do you need something more long-term?

“I think what [you] need to think about first is if this is going to be a sleeper that will be used as a sleeper a lot, or [if] this [is] going to be a piece of furniture… used as a sleeper two nights a year because Aunt Martha is coming [to town],” Strand said.

To determine the primary function of the sleeper, think about how you would ideally use it for both sitting and sleeping. If the sleeper will mainly serve as a couch and be housed in your living room, the firmness of the leg and back cushions, as well as its overall aesthetics may play a larger role in your decision. For example, if you love the feeling of a cushy, plush sofa, the Dobbel Sleeper with its soft fabric upholstery and bolstered cushions will welcome you to sink in and relax. For a more structured, yet comfortable sit, the Lena Sleeper with its shapely, wide seats and cushioned armrests may be the choice for you. Sectional sleepers, like the Halti Sleeper Sectional, are multi-functional, providing lots of great space for sitting and lounging when it’s not used for sleeping. Halti, from Finland, has a number of unique features, including seat-depth adjustment, neck-rest height adjustment through ratcheting headrests and, of course, storage in the sofa’s chaise — perfect for the next movie night so everyone can put their feet up and enjoy!

If the sleeper will function more often as a guest bed or host long-term visitors, Strand recommends choosing based on the feel of the mattress, so your guests can sleep properly. The majority of our sleeper models have their own built-in mattress and fold out so that the sofa’s frame (arms and back) function as the headboard. These mattresses are made with breathable fabric and have a top layer of memory foam for added comfort. Designs like Monika by Luonto of Finland feature innovative “nest” mechanisms where a single seat/side can be extended individually, allowing you to use both the sleeping and sitting portions simultaneously.

Think about sizing, for both sitting and sleeping

Next, think about your space and how big of a footprint the sleeper can occupy. If you’re putting it in your office, how much room will it take up once extended? Would there be enough room to walk around the perimeter of the sleeper and access your desk?

Also consider how many people you would like to host in a single room. “You can get full-size sleepers, which are like a loveseat-size piece of furniture,” Strand explained. “You can get queen-size sleepers, too. They would obviously be a sofa size, and you can even get king-size sleepers, [which] would be like a really big sofa. There are many options available.”

Most pull-out style sleepers can comfortably accommodate two adults. If you will have guests with larger stature or who require a larger sleeping space, the Monika sleeper comes in a king or queen size. To save space, tuck the Monika chair sleeper in somewhere for a cozy sleeping spot for one.

When in doubt, bring a friend or partner shopping with you to test out the different models and see how comfy you would feel sleeping side-by-side.

Choose your favorite color, features, and style.

In terms of aesthetics, the sleepers in Copenhagen’s collection feature clean lines and contemporary styling. Choose from sleek looking leather in off-whiteblack, or grey or soft, textured fabric in oliveaqua, or light blue to find the look and feel that speak to your sense of style.

On all models, the sleeper mechanisms are well concealed that, until you know where to look, they’re hidden in plain sight. On models like the Lena, simply untuck the loop from behind the seat cushions, and pull outwards. The cushions are tightly zipped into the frame so that the sleeper will unfold without you having to remove and store bulky pillows. The mechanism on the Jill Maxi sleeper works similarly, except once unfurled, you can pop the chaise open and pull out conveniently stored pillows and sheets. For an even more streamlined transition, the Biaggio sleeper has a power-extension mechanism. Simply hold down the button the back of the sleeper, and watch as it extends in exactly 60 seconds.

Whether your mind is made up or you’re pondering the possibilities, visit your nearest Copenhagen showroom to experience the wide variety of sleeper styles.