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Choosing a Copenhagen Sofa for Your Home

One of most important pieces of furniture in nearly any home is the living room sofa. Just as important as the dining room table when it comes to creating lasting memories, your Copenhagen sofa is a central gathering point where your family will spend time bonding and relaxing. This is why it’s important to choose a sofa that encourages your family to get together and offers plenty of comfort.

Sofa Size

The first thing to consider about any Copenhagen sofa is the amount of space available. You can choose from smaller sofas with room for 2-3 people or purchase a larger sectional sofa has room for 4-5 people. Most sectionals also feature a chaise for lying back on without taking up extra seats.

Sofa Orientation

If you prefer a smaller sofa you probably won’t need to worry much about how it fits into your room. A sectional sofa is more likely to fit into large room, so it is less likely to take up too much room or block the living room traffic flow. Sectionals are available in both angled and curved designs. When considering an L-shaped sofa with a chaise, pay attention to which side the chaise will be on. Some designs make it easy to move the pieces around and re-orient the sofa, but other designs are made to only fit one way which can complicate things if you ever want to rearrange your furniture in the future.

The Copenhagen sofa selection features many sofas in many different styles, colors, and sizes. You can find ultra-modern designs with light colors and sleek lines or more traditional options in deep rustic colors with oversized cushions. Whatever you need to bring your living room to life, you will find at Copenhagen Living. Visit us online or in one of our showrooms to see all of our sofas today!