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Change the Look of Your Dining Room with Modern Dining Sets

If you like a furniture design with clean lines that makes a statement, then modern furniture is likely to be your first choice. With today’s popular open floor plans choosing modern furniture is inviting, comfortable and functional.

Antique, Traditional or Modern Furniture?

There are many different furniture styles to choose from. If you unsure about what your style is, the following description of antique, traditional and modern furniture can help you identify with your preference.


The types and styles of Antique furniture are varied, starting with the William and Mary period that ranged from 1690 to 1730 up until the Art Deco period of the 1920’s. Antique furniture often includes decorative features with heavy ornamentation, elaborate “C-scrolls” and claw feet.


Traditional furniture is still very popular. It typically features moderate proportions, rich wood tones, and tailored upholstery with curvy lines. It’s more comfortable and less “fussy” than most antique furniture.


Modern furniture is clean and sophisticated without the heavy ornamentation and elaborate carved designs found in other furniture designs. Its sleek lines and unique features provide not just function, but also makes an artistic statement.

Four Reasons to Choose Modern Dining Tables:

Modern Scandinavian-inspired designs continue to gain in popularity. Here are a few reasons why you will want to furnish your dining room with one of Copenhagen’s modern dining tables:

· They have a sleek design which allows them to occupy less space. This makes them especially practical for small dining areas and can be easily moved from place to place.

· Many modern designs are available in black, white or neutral colors so easily adapt to just about any color scheme.

· A modern dining set can completely change the look and feel of your dining room without going through the expense and trouble of redecorating.

Choose Copenhagen for Sophisticated Designs:

One of the most innovative designers of Scandinavian-style furniture is Copenhagen, which designs furniture for each room in your home. The founders, Tony Christensen and Erik Hansen opened their first location in Phoenix in 1970 and have been changing home designs ever since.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your home, starting with modern dining tables, visit the Copenhagen showroom and transform your home today. Check out an contemporary line of modern furniture and find out where to purchase by visiting Copenhagen Living today.