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Buying the Perfect Coffee Table

After finding the perfect high end designer sofa to deck out your living room with, it’s time to shop for the ideal coffee table to give your interior a complete look. Although it doesn’t come first in priority, a coffee table is very important and offers unmatched functionality around the house. It needs to hold drinks, magazines, books and you might even be tempted to put your feet on it. Therefore, you need to ensure that you shop wisely!

Although a conventional purchase, there are a bewildering variety to choose from. When shopping for the perfect coffee table, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you score a piece that fully serves its purpose and adds an element of elegance to the interior of your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The Purpose of the Coffee Table

Before venturing into the store, make sure you have a rough idea of some of the intended uses. Do you intend to use the it solely for drinks and refreshments? Will it double as a dining table? Will you use it to read and a place to keep your books and magazines? Understanding the intended purpose of a coffee table will help you buy a table that offers the functionality you need.

Size of Your Room

The size of your room will also play a vital role in dictating the type of coffee table you decide on. Buy a table that is too large and it will become an overpowering focal point in the room. This is something interior designers always warn against. Choosing the right size will help bring proportionality to your room. If you intend to move it around, it is wise to purchase something small and compact.

Wood or Glass?

The choice depends on your preferences. But, keep in mind that glass is fragile and not ideal for homes with young children. On the bright side, a glass top makes a room feel more open and seem bigger. Wood offers longevity and easily blends in with different types of décor.

Here at Copenhagen Living, we have a stock of some of the best coffee tables which warrant both functionality and longevity. Whether you are a fan of glass coffee tables, their wooden counterparts, or want a mix of both, our high quality coffee tables will spice up your living room and add an element of elegance.

Make a bold statement with the Stream or choose the functionality and beauty of the Calypso. The Bilbao is perfect for formal settings, while the Mizner Set oozes class and solemnity. Peruse through our website to check these tables and many others out. Visit Copenhagen Living today to buy a table that is affordable and transforms your living room.