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Bring the color and cutting-edge design of Italy into your home

Copenhagen’s Italian collections are in stock, stunning and ready to outfit every room

By Melissa Karns for Copenhagen Imports

Outfitting your home in Italian luxury and style doesn’t have to mean traveling to Milan. Thankfully, top Italian furniture brands are available locally, and Copenhagen has the cutting-edge designs that today’s homeowners are looking for.

And while the name suggests Scandinavian-designed furniture and décor, Mark Hames, a salesperson at Copenhagen, explains that the locally owned business carries the best contemporary and modern furniture from around the world.

Copenhagen customers have come to expect quality, stylish and functional pieces available in-store, where sales associates are skilled at selecting timeless, yet on-trend, pieces. And this summer, Italian furniture is in high demand for many reasons.

“You can tell Italian designers take pride in their designs and are always innovative,” said Hames, who has been a sales associate for 20 years. “The status quo is not for Italy, as they always are updating what they do. They do a great job of balancing shapes and colors, while still being elegant. Italian designs can be contemporary and timeless at the same time.”

For many, this provides a winning mix of fashion and fun. There’s never been a more perfect time to travel to Italy through design, all while in the comfort of home. Find out more about how to choose from in-stock pieces, and even those special-order options, from Copenhagen’s Italian collection.

Timeless style to outfit your home

Italy has certainly earned its place as a pioneer in the art world. Tourists fall in love with Italy’s culture, tradition, lifestyle and, of course, that world-renowned flair for design. Italy’s long history of innovative design styles and techniques is reflected in the design of their furniture, which is anything but average.

“It’s not going to be your run-of-the-mill furniture,” Hames said. “Italian furniture can be functional, comfortable and still look like a work of art. As a salesperson, I can generally tell if a piece is made in Italy just by looking at it.”

That’s the kind of statement Italian furniture makes. Now imagine that in your abode. Discover the Italian collection at Copenhagen, imported directly from Italy from brands like Cattelan Italia, Incanto, ALF, and EgoItaliano. Others, like Tonon and Domitalia, are also showstoppers.

Try the Drake sofa and loveseat, available in cognac or white leather, and the Drake armchair, available in beige or green fabric. Drake has rounded edges for comfort and style. The smoothness of the leather screams quality and is further enhanced by the detailed, matched stitching and vertical seams down the sofa’s sides and back that create an elegant design while also comfortably conforming to the body.

“Cattelan has been with us forever and has some incredible designs,” Hames said. “Over the past few years, we have incorporated a number of new lines from Italy to keep up with the growing demand. Incanto is our top-selling leather sofa manufacturer. They have some of the best designs I have seen and are supportive and comfortable. Tonon and Domitalia are very unique and have their own niche in dining and accent chairs.”

What to try

Consider pieces like Jordan power motion sofa/chair and the Giana sectional to outfit your space. They couple comfort and convenience. Find a built-in USB charging port beside each seat of the Jordan, and four adjustable headrests along with three motion recliner seats in the Giana. Movie night, here you come.

Or, if you are looking to set off a space with an artistic statement, try the Nasdaq desk in keramik or wood. The Nasdaq keramik desk is eye-catching and bold, with one leg and drawer in bronze and a top and side in stunning, marbled Bressia keramik. It’s the ultimate executive desk and a work of art.

Check out the innovative design of the Soho Ker-Wood dining table. Or consider the Marathon dining table, by Cattelan Italia, which combines tradition with contemporary design. The clear glass tabletop features beveled edges and is paired with a burned, oak-stained ashwood base in a sloped shape, for a sculptural, elegant look.

Furniture from Italy is not only quality, but it isn’t suffering from the same supply-chain issues that you’ll find in other countries. “Most of their manufacturers work on a smaller scale and are a bit more exclusive. That alone lends itself to faster lead times,” explained Hames.

“If you want a custom piece of furniture in the exact color and configuration you are hoping for, Italy is the way to go,” Hames said.

While Copenhagen has many items available in stock, special ordering is an option to get the perfect selection that suits your individual home and style. Lead times from Italy typically range from five to six months – fast for a custom ordered, imported design.

If customers see a design or model that they love and would like to learn about, along with additional upholstery, frame or configuration options, it’s easy to contact your nearest Copenhagen location to learn more. Experienced and expert sales associates can help you find the perfect piece for your home.

Find design inspiration with Copenhagen’s vignettes, showcasing designs and arrangements you can try in your own home. Consider the size of your room and the function of the piece. It’s also important to look at color — cool or warm tones, for example — and how that plays with the rest of the room. For many manufacturers, Copenhagen sales associates can use 3-D product configurators to help you envision what different design and color combinations will look like.

It’s easy to pick the perfect custom color even if it’s not in stock. Hames advises that “Taking home a sample of the material is always a good idea as the lighting in the store is different than your lighting at home.”

Consider some perfect pairings for easy updates, like the Nelson king bed with Dante nightstand. The Nelson king bed features soft, rounded lines and a sense of tranquil, balanced design. The Dante nightstand brings beauty, with its graphite-embossed lacquer, and function, featuring a hidden storage space. Another perfect pairing is the Ayrton bed with the Ciro nightstand. And the Spinnaker bookshelf might be the finishing touch to create a beautiful, yet understated, minimalist look.

Hames expects more customers will turn to Italian furniture design because, ultimately, it resonates with them.

“I think most people equate high-end quality and cutting-edge design to Italian furniture,” he said. “They want something that will last. We have a fair number of customers who only want furniture made in Italy. That alone is a testament.”

Find magnifico Italian furniture for every room in your home at Copenhagen. Shop online or in a store near you today.