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Anatomy of a Modern Dining Table

The modern table is no longer a long or cumbersome piece of furniture to gather around. These days, a more contemporary dining table is likely to be sleek, minimalistic, and take less space, while still allowing enough room for family and friends to gather around.

Modern Materials

One of the biggest differences in today’s dining table selection is the inclusion of more modern materials, such as metal or glass. Glass tables especially have become more creative in recent years as they can be formed into nearly any shape, while adding interesting designs to appeal to the eye. An example of this is Copenhagen’s Quasar table. This creatively engineered table has a lever which allows it to be extended from 78″ to 110″. The glass tabletop gives diners a view of the sculptural and functional gear mechanism.

You are also more likely to find dining tables that are made with a combination of materials rather than a single type of hardwood. In an unusual twist, some makers of wood tables have gone back to nature to find inspiration. Instead of making tables out of carefully planed and carved hardwood planks, they are using raw cut woods covered in resin to form a flat surface with completely natural accents and shapes.

Design Options

A traditional dining table may have a simple pedestal stand or four plain legs at the corners. But, many of today’s dining tables feature a different kind of base which looks like modern sculpture. They are fascinating to look at and can whet your creative design style, as you infuse your home with complementary artistic pieces. More and more of these tables are beginning to look like something out of a futuristic home.

Copenhagen has a huge catalog of dining table options for any home. Whether you prefer something more traditional or you want to explore the wealth of new materials and designs, we have it all. Visit us online or visit one of our showrooms in Arizona or Texas to find the perfect addition to your home.