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All You Need to Know About Platform Bed Styles

Thanks to their simple, yet effective, design, platform beds remain a popular option when it comes to comfort and practicality when it comes to designing your bedroom. In such a dynamic era of changing furniture designs, it takes some doing for a design to last for that long! Each style of platform bed has distinct features that make it stand out. Without proper knowledge of the different styles, it can be difficult to buy the most appropriate one for your bedroom. Here is a look at the various platform bed styles available on the market today:

Platform Beds Styles

Contemporary Platform Beds

Considered the most simple and basic platform bed, this lacks any additional embellishments and aesthetic additions. These beds are characterized by straight lines, low profiles, and a simple design.

Because of their low profile, the base of the beds needs to be sturdy. This is why many of these beds are made from hardwoods such as oak, mahogany and maple. Although these beds lack decorative detail, their functionality and longevity is unmatched, as their natural beauty shines through. The Bondi King Bed is an example of a contemporary platform bed.

Traditional Platform Beds

Beds in this category are a classic design which has managed to stand the test of time. These beds have a distinctive adornment and intricate designs. The beds have a relatively higher profile than the contemporary style.

Traditional beds are best suited in environments with other traditional Scandinavian décor where they will easily blend in. These beds offer excellent functionality, but their highlight includes their embellishments and intricate designs. The Monaco King Bed is a beautiful example.

Modern Traditional Platform Beds

Modern platform beds are the most common in today’s households. Created back in the 1920s-1950s, modern platform beds are characterized by clean, unadorned, flowing lines. The beds lack many embellishments but the eye-catching design makes up for the missing adornment.

The beds have a medium profile and are made from natural raw materials such as teak and leather. Take the Nelson bed, for instance, is constructed from rich walnut and leather. Their simple lines accentuate the grain of the wood and give the beds a characteristic beauty that a lot of people love.

Storage Beds

Storage or space-saving platform beds, are beds designed to offer extra cupboards of space beneath the mattress for storage. These chests of drawers and shelves beneath the mattress where you can keep clothing and other things in the bedroom.

The main focus of space-saving beds is their space-saving capabilities. Little attention is paid to ornamentation and decoration. Instead, the design is aimed at maximizing efficiency by minimizing the space occupied by the bed or combining the space with other functional uses. The Scandic Queen Bed has two pull out drawers for added room, and Copenhagen can special order a variety of models to suit your storage needs.


When selecting the perfect platform bed style, consider a style that works well with your home’s decor, offers strength, and is comfortable to sleep on.

No matter the density of the mattress you invest in, if the bed is not properly designed, you’ll never have a good night’s sleep. You need a quality and sturdy platform to ensure the best foundation to sleep well.

If you are looking for the best platform beds on the market to suit your lifestyle, look no further than Copenhagen. We have a vast collection of intricately-designed platforms which are designed for comfort, functionality, and style in mind. Look through our online bed collection to see our platform beds and buy the one that best suits your lifestyle.