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Achieving Ultimate Comfort with Stressless Furniture and Accessories

Designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind which is backed by science and research, these furniture pieces were created to not only help you reduce physical stress on your body, but also improve your mental state while you sit back and relax.

Why Stressless?

From plush recliners and foot rests to practical armchair desks, you can find furniture for work and play. Each piece is designed to fit into your life seamlessly, so you simply melt into your favorite chair at the end of a long day without needing to make any adjustments. Their tables and accessories are made for easy reaching without having to overextend yourself while you work.

Perhaps the most notable facet of the is the natural beauty of their products. Unlike other ergonomic products that have taken on a dry, industrial look, the Stressless family of products looks as inviting as it feels.

Sharing the Comfort

In addition to the numerous ergonomic products made for individual users, Stressless has gone above and beyond to make products for the whole family. With their sofas and love seats, your whole family can enjoy peace of mind and ultimate comfort. You can now furnish your whole home with products that offer warmth and comfort at every turn.

Whether you’re looking for something for your home office, or you’re ready to make your family room a stress free zone, Stressless is the answer you’ve been searching for. Make sure you check back often for new promotions and deals from Copenhagen Living so you can experience the difference for yourself. These furniture pieces are about creating a comfortable space that offers both mental and physical benefits to all those who enter.