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We Will Always Remember

Erik Vinther Hansen passed away on February 12, 2020, after a hard-fought battle against cancer. As has been the case for more than 56 years, his wife Lise was at his side. A devoted husband, loving father and grandfather, dependable friend and respected employer, Erik will be missed.

As co-founder and long-time CEO of Copenhagen Imports, he built his American dream from scratch. Erik emigrated from Denmark in 1962 and by 1969 found his way to Phoenix. With business partner Tony Christensen, the two worked tirelessly and broke the rules of conformity to build a company based upon Erik’s passion for contemporary design. This passion is a key reason Copenhagen’s modern aesthetics – rooted in simplicity, practicality and elegance – have now influenced the lives of thousands of Valley residents. Today, his dedication to contemporary design remains the cornerstone of everything we do at Copenhagen Imports.

Erik’s legacy also lives on in his passion for people. After 50 years, the company is still proudly owned and operated by the Hansen family. Our unwavering dedication to our mission can continue thanks to Erik’s commitment to hiring and training hard-working, exceptional professionals we now proudly call family. Our employees are our business.

Though the number of Copenhagen stores has grown, Copenhagen has remained family owned and operated for over fifty years. Although original owner Erik Hansen passed away in February of 2020, our group of stores is still run by Erik’s younger brother Jorgen Hansen and Erik’s son, Jens Hansen. Erik’s wife Lise is still very much involved and helps us to carry on Erik’s legacy. Tony Christensen has retired from the company but remains an integral part of the Copenhagen "family".

Although much has changed since Copenhagen’s humble beginnings, one thing remains constant…Our passion for design. Only products of good design, quality, and value make it into the Copenhagen “collection.” We’re proud of everything that we sell at every price point and stand behind these products with our family reputation.

Bringing a


for Modern
Scandinavian Design
to the Southwest

Danish Modern Furniture: Timeless Value

In March 1970, the first Copenhagen Imports opened in Phoenix, Arizona, bringing a still-developing city its first furniture showroom dedicated solely to Danish Modern style. Founders Tony Christensen and Erik Hansen made the decision to move to Phoenix based on their passion for good design and their desire to have a positive impact upon the desert Southwest by bringing a new type of design to the valley.

At the time, local furniture-store owners in the Phoenix area scoffed at the two Danes’ design ideas and concepts, saying “That stuff will never sell. Six months and they’re out!” Quite the contrary—that “stuff” did sell! It sold so well, in fact, that shortly after, Hansen and Christensen opened additional stores in Tempe, Tucson, and Scottsdale. Continued growth moved Copenhagen into Texas, with stores first opening in El Paso, San Antonio, and, soon after, Austin.

The Copenhagen Difference

Shopping at Copenhagen is not your usual retail experience. We are here to ensure that you will experience a refreshing retail environment in all of our showrooms and that you will find furniture that is artistic, functional, and, most importantly, suitable for your lifestyle and living space.

Please come by soon to become part of the Copenhagen “family.” We look forward to working with you!

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