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7 Furniture and Design Trends to Watch in 2024

Senator dining table with Bombe chairs by Cattelan Italia

As 2023 winds down, now is the time to reflect on the year that has passed, as well as look forward to what lies ahead – and in the world of furniture and design, this is certainly no exception. From our humble beginnings in 1970 to our flourishing network of stores today, Copenhagen has remained dedicated to carrying contemporary furniture that embodies the cutting edge of refined style and innovative design. In preparation for the new year, we asked five of our Copenhagen interior designers – Katayoon Aghili, Soheila Aghili, Maurice Brantley, Tamara Johnson, and Will Joffroy – as well as our Merchandising Director and Texas Regional Manager, John Milk, for what trends they think will take off in 2024. Enjoy this inside look at seven furniture and design elements predicted to be popular in the new year.


1. Bright colors

Earning a shout-out from multiple designers, brighter hues are slated to play a big part in design trends going forward. Maurice Brantley of Copenhagen Tucson says, “There has been a welcome addition of color infusion in textiles recently, and I anticipate this trend will grow stronger in 2024. We offer the Cullin Sofa and Chair in a vibrant yellow textured fabric and the Baloo Swivel Chair in a variety of color choices from chic turquoise to deep purple. The dynamic art pillows from renowned tapestry weaver Jules Pansu of Paris add interest and color pop to seating arrangements.”

Katayoon Aghili of Copenhagen Scottsdale agrees. “After years of white, gray, and cooler shades, the new trend will be towards warmer tones,” she predicts. “In particular, I think people will be drawn to splashes of yellow and pink, like those in the Caldera Rug, as well as bolder accents of blue, green, and orange.” She cites the Aaron Sofa with its dramatic orange hue, the Consul Chair and Ottoman in thyme green, and the ocean blue Ripple Storage Console as additional examples of the color boost clients will seek in the months ahead. For those wanting to fully embrace the rainbow, Copenhagen offers the Folded Glass Vases, made by Arizona glass artists in every color from rich red to cobalt blue.

2. Soft curves

Another up-and-coming trend identified by designers is the use of soft curves in furniture and décor. “2024 will be driven by a shift toward softer silhouettes and organic shapes, with curvy furniture becoming more popular,” says Soheila Aghili of Copenhagen Scottsdale. “A great example we stock is the Sara Dining Chair, a contemporary upholstered chair with soft curved arms. We offer it in neutral grey, though it can also be ordered in various bolder colors for your home.”

Will Joffroy of Copenhagen Tucson is also seeing a resurgence in the curved design trend. “It seems 2024 will signal a slight departure from rigid design geometry, with furniture and accessories that feature soft curves being more in demand,” he explains. For those of us wanting to embrace this gentler geometry, Joffroy recommends the Paola Chair or Carla Sectional, with their plush, arcing forms that create an inviting ambiance. For the dining room, Joffroy recommends the Nani or Monoplauto Dining Table, both featuring rounded lines and striking details like golden bamboo patterning or a leaf-shaped base. “To accessorize, top off one or more of your tables with an Ambienti Glamour sculpture, like Withney or Balloon Dog,” Joffroy adds. “Their curvy shapes and eye-catching colors pair perfectly with our softer-edged furniture.”

3. Textured fabrics

For John Milk, 2024 will be the year of fun fabric upholstery with enjoyable tactile qualities that promote relaxation. “I see people gravitating toward soft, textured fabrics that provide a cozy and comfortable feel – especially in bolder colors and featured in pieces with clean and simple lines,” he says. Milk cites the Viki Pillows as a prime example, with their ultra-soft velvet, circular stitching pattern, and range of vibrant shades. “Bouclé is also making a comeback,” he adds. “This fabric has a distinctive, dimensional texture that adds a unique look and relaxed feel to any room in the house.” He recommends the Paxon Bed with bouclé upholstery in contrasting threads of cream and midnight blue for a comfortable place to rest, or the Essie Dining Chair in grey bouclé for a stylish dining setup.

4. Wall wash lighting

“Wall wash lighting is a trend that more people are embracing as they explore possibilities for lighting arrangements in their spaces,” says Will Joffroy. “As opposed to traditional fixtures that radiate light downward, wall washers typically use a vertical light strip angled toward a wall to produce indirect illumination.” Joffroy says the move toward wall wash lighting is part of a larger pull people feel toward layered lighting, mood lighting, or illumination that is gentler on the eyes. He mentions the Tono Floor Lamp, with its customizable brightness and color options, as a fully contemporary wall wash-style lamp that will bring unparalleled ambience to your space.

5. Japandi style

If there’s one style movement Katayoon Aghili has her eye on for the year ahead, it’s Japandi (a portmanteau of “Japan” and “Scandi,” short for “Scandinavia”). “The Japandi style has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent years,” she says. “Combining both Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, this style features a lot of clean lines, natural materials, and a minimalist look.” More than just an aesthetic, Japandi also embodies a philosophy of living simply, comfortably, and mindfully. For customers seeking Japandi-inspired furniture pieces, Aghili says, “A good example we carry is the Nelson Bed – though made in Italy, this stunning bed shows Japandi traits in its curved wooden frame and neutral colors. I also love the Fried Egg Lounge Chair, designed by Hans Olson in 1956, with its iconic design that follows the softer lines of the trends for 2024.”

6. Updated mid-century modern

Tamara “TJ” Johnson of Copenhagen Scottsdale is seeing a resurgence of the classic mid-century modern movement originating in the 1950’s. With its emphasis on warm wood tones and functional simplicity, mid-century modern is being blended with other style trends to form a distinct, updated look for 2024 and beyond. Johnson notes, “I am seeing organic textures, rich colors like emerald green and orange, walnut woods, and mixed metals all coming together for a contemporary mid-century vibe. Clean lines and calm patterns do wonders to warm a room, especially if the floors are white oak or another light color.” For a fresh take on mid-century modern design, Johnson recommends Mobilgam of Italy’s Horizon Cupboard, with carved walnut wood, grey lacquer, and mirrored corners – “This piece is a stunning example of differing textures merging together in unison.”

7. Sustainable design

In recent years, many brands have become increasingly aware of their environmental impact and have made eco-friendly changes, from reducing waste, to using recycled materials, to manufacturing with clean energy and more. Maurice Brantley says, “Leading up to 2024, we are seeing an even higher level of commitment to sustainability from many of our furniture manufacturers. As brands unite their design principles with a fresh focus on responsibility and stewardship, it’s clear that sustainable design is a movement that’s here to stay.” Whether it’s a bed made from bamboo (one of the earth’s most rapidly renewable plants), or a Stressless® recliner made in a hydro-powered factory, Copenhagen understands the importance, this year and every year, of earth-friendly design.

From bursts of bright color to the skillful blending of styles, 2024 promises to be an exciting year in the world of furniture and interior design. If you’re curious to shop tomorrow’s trends today, stop into your local Copenhagen to browse our curated collections and chat with our top-tier design team.