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4 Reasons to Invest in Italian Furniture

Modern glass dining table

1 – Craftsmanship

Boutique sideboard, which merges edgy fume glass shelving with a quilted upholstered interior – all illuminated with LEDs.

2 – Durability

Genuine leathers and sumptuous materials like marble make up the heart of Italian furniture. The Sabrina Sectional by Incanto Italia (pictured above) features durable natural black leather accented by a sturdy walnut frame. Italy is world-renowned for quality furniture, a reputation earned by using only the best materials. Italian furniture is structured, with each material coming together to form one show-stopping piece that is made to last. Though high-end, these pieces, when appropriately maintained, will retain their beauty and functionality.

3 – Innovation

Atlantis Crystalart Table by Cattelan pictured above, has a marble-look but is constructed from art glass with an artistic print applied to the underside – a stunning impression without the maintenance of natural stone. The striking Royalton sideboard with 3-D geometric shaping ensures that Italian design still has an aura of glamour. These little unexpected touches of texture and sculptural design will become the focal points of your living or office space.

4 – Beauty

The simple truth about Italian furniture is that it possesses a classic beauty that complements any home aesthetic. Its unique combination of strong, sturdy materials and elegant finishes results in pieces that are stylish and comfortable, which is the ultimate design goal. NAOS’s My Flower cocktail table (pictured above) is a work of functional art that is guaranteed to be the object of admiration and appreciation, with its proprietary swivel mechanism that allows the tabletops to gracefully stack or open. Investing in Italian furniture is an investment in individual pieces that will support you longer, while never losing their flair. Each piece looks and feels custom-made and, when purchased from Copenhagen, is imported directly to your home from Italy