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3 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Living Room With Shelves

The difference between an average and first-class home includes the addition of simple elements which complete the character of a house. Many homes look plain and lack depth because the interior designers and home owners omit the small decorative elements. One such element that is commonly overlooked by interior designers and home owners are shelves. Despite the fact that there are several shelving options on the market, a lot of home owners choose to completely omit them when designing their interior spaces. This should not be the case.

The beauty of shelving, is the wide variety of options to choose from. There are many types of book and accessory shelves available on the market that you can use to transform your living room. Here are 3 simple ways to decorate your living room by using the many shelving options available;

Add Flair to your Living Room Wall with an Eileen Shelf

An Eileen shelf will help add much needed flair to your living room by providing elegant to keep your accessories and books. The shelf itself is not very big but its inclined design and thin rungs give it a unique look that is a fit in any modern day living room. When combined with the right wall colors, it can enhance the look of any space.

Utilize Every Space in the Room with a 200 Line Corner

Corner shelves are instrumental when it comes to utilizing all the available living room space. The 200 line corner is one such piece that you can use to make good use of the available space in your living room. If you are an ardent reader and have books lying around in your living room, this is the perfect piece to add beauty and functionality.

Make a Statement with a Mountain Wall Unit

Want the perfect focal point in the living room décor? Well, the mountain wall unit should be a priority. This beautiful piece not only works as a giant storage unit but becomes the main focal point of the space. It can hold books, accessories and turns into the entertainment center holding all the media and audio equipment in the house.

Small and insignificant as they may look, simple shelves and racks can help revamp the look of your home and improve its aesthetic value by much. When coupled together with the right wall colors and used in the right spaces, shelves can help give a space a sophisticated look by accentuating the natural qualities of the home. Shelving is actually one of the easiest ways to add decorative, organizational and functional storage to your interior space. When used properly in a space, shelving will help make the space larger than it actually is by creating extra space for your books, reading materials and other accessories around the house. This eliminates clutter and adds depth and contouring to the room.

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