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Copenhagen’s Design Team strives to translate your ideas into comfortable and stunning home environments, and offers the finest quality furniture from around the world. Using furniture, accessories, and artwork procured globally, our designers will work with you to integrate new pieces into existing interiors, or start from scratch to furnish your home or office.

To schedule an in-home consultation with a Copenhagen designer, please email or call the designer(s) located at your nearest Copenhagen location. In order to best figure out your design needs, our Design Team asks that you first come into the nearest Copenhagen store to get acquainted with your designer, and from there, you can schedule a time for an in-home consultation. During the consultation, designers will use their experience and creativity to help you craft a desirable space plan. As they work to execute your project, they will collaborate with architects, general contractors, and any other interior design professionals involved to ensure that your interior design vision comes to fruition.

For design professionals, Copenhagen offers a trade partnership. Please call or visit your nearest Copenhagen location for more information and to register. Copenhagen is an ASID Industry Partner.

Come in and see how the Copenhagen Design team can use clean, beautiful, and functional design to design your home for the way you live.


Linda Davis

Professional Member, ASID

As an interior designer at Copenhagen Imports, I am thrilled to be working with modern furniture, especially since I grew up with it! My many years as a professional designer have exposed me to numerous styles, and I've found that modern styles blend beautifully with antiques, traditional and ethnic furnishings, and architecture. It is my goal to create interiors for my clientele that are comfortable and represent their personal style and needs. With a background not only in interior design, but art as well, my sense of color, scale, and creativity allows me to design innovative, exciting interior solutions for Copenhagen's clientele. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing finished spaces and clients' happy faces!

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Aleesa Huerta

B.S. in Interior Design
Design Consultant, ASID

As a designer for Copenhagen Imports, I like to focus on functional, simple and warm designs. I strive to create a space that is unique for each client that incorporates any elements they enjoy. In my time at Copenhagen, I have truly seen how our modern furnishings can complement a wide variety of design styles. To some, modern furniture can seem cold and unwelcoming, but, with the right colors, wood tones and textures, I can accomplish a space that is inviting. I believe in keeping designs modern yet timeless, since the high quality of Copenhagen’s furniture ensures that it will last a long time. I also enjoy working with our clients to develop meaningful professional relationships.

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Katayoon Aghili

When designing a house, I like to keep the integrity of the architecture and the interior design. The most joyous part of my art is knowing that by using design elements, I can create a space that reflects the lifestyle of the homeowners and that, at the same time, elevates their spirit and transforms their home into a sanctuary. In the past 18 years, I have had the pleasure of utilizing my design background to complete a variety of projects, whether that be working side-by-side with an architect to demolish and redesign a 7k sq. feet home, or working with builders and assisting homeowners to design one room at a time. It is my belief that design is the presentation of your lifestyle to the world. It is an art. The 20th century artist Henri Matisse said it best: "Art should delight, inspire and enhance our lives as human beings and the art of art, or design, is the balance or purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter.” That is what great design does.

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Soheila Aghili

B.S. in Interior Design

I always have had a passion for the world of design. Each interior design project that I take on is an opportunity for innovation and transformation by adding beauty, bold color, and warmth to a space. The key to transforming an everyday living space into a one-of-a-kind, unique environment is to establish a perfect balance among the different elements in the room. I have over 25 years of experience in all phases of the design process- from concept to installation- and look forward to working with Copenhagen’s clientele on interior design remodeling, consulting, colorization, floor plan analysis, and space planning with furniture layouts and lighting plans. The end result that I seek to create is a serene, restful atmosphere that you can call home.

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Maurice Brantley

Allied Member ASID

With over seventeen years’ experience and knowledge of contemporary, mid-century and modern furniture, I strive to translate your ideas into comfortable and visually appealing environments utilizing clean lines and functional design. Offering the finest quality residential and office furniture and accessories from all over the world, I will work with you to create a whole new look or to complement and integrate an established design style. I am a Tucson native with a BFA from Arizona State University and am active in local design and art communities. I endeavor to use products that are earth-friendly and harmonious with our environment.

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Will Joffroy

B.S. in Interior Design

As an interior designer for Copenhagen Imports, I seek to utilize a variety of design elements and principles in order to fully realize residential and commercial spaces that are practical, comfortable, and represent a distinct extension of a customer's lifestyle or brand image. I value collaboration and have a vested interest in exploring the multitude of fantastic options available through Copenhagen Imports in pursuit of creating lasting and balanced spaces. My background in interior design has granted me the confidence to deliver on artfully woven, realistic, functional, and delightful interior environments, while also cultivating meaningful and professional relationships with Copenhagen's diverse clientele.

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Paola Gotay

B.A. Interior Design and Decoration

As an Interior Designer for Copenhagen Imports, I endeavor to create interior spaces that are direct representations of their inhabitants. Clean lines and neutral tones with subtle accents are several of the design elements I implement in order to achieve clients’ visions. Whether it be residential or commercial, I strive to achieve functional, cohesive spaces that perfectly complement the lifestyle and habits of their users.

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Copenhagen is proud to be an ASID Industry Partner.

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