Copenhagen About Us | Overview

Danish Modern Furniture: Timeless Value

In 1970 things changed for the better in Phoenix, Arizona. A developing city enjoying rapid growth now had its first furniture showroom dedicated solely to Danish Modern. The first ever Copenhagen Imports opened in April of that year and brought to the desert Southwest a new direction of design that would come to influence the Valley of the Sun in a very positive way.

Brothers With a Passion for Good Design and Courage

Owners Tony Christensen and Erik Hansen made the decision to move from California to Phoenix not based on market studies or demographics and such, but rather on gut instinct fueled by a passion for good design and the courage to bend the rules of what most would consider a successful furniture retail operation.

At the time, local Phoenix area furniture store owners scoffed at the two Danes, saying “That stuff will never sell. Six months and they’re out!” Quite the contrary, the “stuff” did sell. It sold so well, in fact, the Partners would soon open stores in Tempe and Tucson and finally in Scottsdale.  Continued growth moved Copenhagen into Texas, opening in El Paso, then San Antonio, and shortly after, in Austin.

A Family Affair

Copenhagen has always been a family affair and our family of stores is now run by original owner Erik Hansen, his younger brother Jorgen Hansen and Erik’s son, Jens Hansen. Tony Christensen retired from the company but remains in contact and is still part of the “family”.

Copenhagen Living: Founded On Design and Continuing the Passion

Although much has changed since our humble beginnings, one thing remains constant… Our passion for design. Only products of good design and quality supported by value make it into the Copenhagen collection. We’re proud of everything we sell at any price point and stand behind these products with our family reputation. Shopping at Copenhagen is not your usual retail experience. We’re here for you and you will experience a refreshing retail environment in all of our showrooms. We look forward to visiting with you.

The Beginning of a Contemporary Journey - an interview with Jens Hansen on KENS5, San Antonio.