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Interior Design for Gamers: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting the Perfect Setup

Gone are the days of playing video games once a week at the local arcade. With the increasing growth of technology, the gaming community has grown massively over the last decade or so. According to Dave Mason, a Copenhagen sales and design associate, we’re “seeing it being taken more seriously in the furniture and design industries because of this.”

Indeed, it seems that dedicated gaming spaces have become more than a trend – with many finding it to be a fun, creative way to elevate both their home and their gaming experience. “The home is where many feel the most comfortable – so of course they want their space to reflect their unique interests,” Mason starts. “With a larger group of people also working from home, there’s more demand for advanced tech setups and versatile furnishings that support various hobbies.”

We worked with Mason on these furniture and interior design tips to help every type of gamer – from PC to console to handheld – level up their setup. Check out the guide below to ensure your peak comfort and gaming experience.

For the Passionate PC Gamer

PC gaming offers a supreme world of graphical depth and detail; typically requiring multiple monitors and powerful tech accessories. Ergonomic furnishings and strategic interior placement are key for this type of setup. “Adjustable items that allow a lot of movement and flexibility are essential for PC gamers, especially when it comes to a desk and seating,” Mason states.

Our PC Gamer Tips:

    • A larger lift desk or L-desk offers ample room for various tech equipment without feeling cluttered. “Lift desks like the Sequel 20 allow you to easily and quickly find the perfect height to game comfortably,” Mason says. Copenhagen also carries a variety of lift desk options to suit your preferred aesthetic, from the minimalist Sequel 20 to the more classic Lofte.
    • To ensure proper posture and body comfort during long gaming sessions, an intensive task chair is best. Mason likes the Onda task chair, because it “offers lots of adjustability and comes in multiple colors to easily coordinate with the rest of your space.” Height adjustment is important, but also keep your eye out for chairs that offer arm adjustments and extra lumbar support.
    • Integrating additional storage into your setup helps keep PC essentials close by, so you don’t have to grab anything mid-round. Additionally, storage furniture supports a tidy space, keeping your gaming area aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Add a small drawer below your desk or incorporate a larger multifunction cabinet like Linea to store larger gaming collections.

For the Classic Console Gamer

Unlike PC gaming, console gaming setups don’t usually have an entire dedicated room, as they require less space and separation. Instead, they’re often integrated into existing multi-functional spaces – like living rooms or bedrooms. The key here is to create a gaming setup that flows with the existing style and function of the room, maintaining its design integrity. “The biggest thing for console gamers to focus on is designing a space that mitigates clutter and mess, so every person using the room feels comfortable,” Mason states.

Our Console Gamer Tips:

    • A tech-savvy media stand or console is essential for console setups. “A design with closable doors, like the Corridor TV stand, allows you to conceal any electronics or cords,” Mason says. And Corridor’s acoustically transparent doors still allow you to hear your game perfectly if you’re using a sound system. Media furnishings with built-in cable management and multiple shelves or cabinets also allow you to use them for other activities beyond gaming.
    • With coffee tables being a typical furnishing in most living rooms, consider choosing one with storage or a lift top. Both the Tetris and Cloud 9 coffee tables feature lift-tops perfect for keeping snacks close and hidden storage perfect for concealing gaming accessories like controllers and headsets.
    • For those who play their console in the bedroom, having enough space to be comfortable can be a concern. Mason suggests “eliminating the need for additional seating by choosing an adjustable mattress” that allows you to engage in a variety of tasks. “Pair a Stressless® Sky mattress with a BedTech adjustable base and you’ll have an ideal sitting position for gaming without leaving the comfort of your bed.”

For the Casual Handheld Gamer

Handheld gaming offers unique portability and on-the-go ease of use – but these types of gamers can still benefit from a dedicated space that is readily available for kicking back. A comfort-focused setup that supports casual gaming on and off throughout the day, especially in smaller spaces, is essential.

Our Handheld Gamer Tips:

    • Handheld gaming setups can benefit from a small cozy setup, similar to a reading nook or craft corner, to keep you engrossed and comfortable. Establishing this area with a recliner or living room chair promotes relaxation and subtle movement. Mason suggests “a small, comfortable chair like Aldo that doesn’t take up too much space and takes strain off your arms and shoulders with its padded armrests.”
    • To hold gaming accessories and other essentials, consider incorporating a laptop or side table. Ones with wheels are easily moved to make space while ones with a “C” shape like Bink can slide over your legs or chair.
    • A small desk or table lamp can give you targeted lighting without disrupting the visibility of your console screen and is easily placed on a laptop or side table. We suggest looking for lamps that feature dimming switches and built-in charging ports, like the Knot LED desk lamp which includes a 4-way touch switch to find your perfect brightness level and USB ports to charge your handheld console.
    • With gaming setups being indoors since sunlight can affect gaming visuals, adding in a faux plant or two can add a touch of nature to your space and promote that cozy, relaxed feel you’re going for.

For Every Type of Gamer

Regardless of your preferred gaming method, there are some tips every gamer can benefit from, especially those that have multiple setups. When crafting your ideal haven, it’s important to find a balance between general necessities and your personal needs and preferences.

Our Every Gamer Tips:

    • “Ergonomic furnishings help prevent unnecessary strain on all areas of the body,” Mason starts, “something that is especially important when gaming, as you’re usually sitting in one spot for long periods of time.” These types of items support both you and your task, making them ideal choices for intense or detailed tasks. Mason suggests the Stressless® line of recliners to “offer essential support and keep your line of vision level with your gaming screen.” Both the Consul and Max recliners are equipped with a Plus™ system that adjust your lumbar and neck support simultaneously.
    • Natural light can interfere with the overall gaming experience, so we suggest integrating ambient lighting into your setup. With lamps like Circa you can target your lighting to mitigate eye strain and play comfortably. If you prefer a cozier, laid-back atmosphere, opt for warmer toned lamps; for a more vibrant, awake feel, go with a cooler temperature.
    • Customizing your gaming setup with items that reflect your personality and interests will help ensure its use and visual attractiveness. Whether it’s an elegant shelf system like Stiletto to display your favorite gaming figurines, accessories, and collectibles, or a set of LED lights in your favorite color, these aesthetic items put the finishing touch on any gaming setup. “Adding some fun wall art or sculptures can help boost that gaming atmosphere,” Mason states. “Vibrant colors, like those on the While I Was Waiting wall art or Balloon Dog sculpture, help evoke feelings of liveliness and excitement.”


By implementing furnishings that promote your comfort and support your gaming accessories, you can take your gaming to the next level. Follow these individual setup tips, or mix and match across console types, to discover your ideal gaming experience. For more furniture and design help, check out our other blogs or visit a Copenhagen showroom today.