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Stylish Siesta: How to Build a “Nap Nook” in Your Home

Person relaxing in Stresless Consul recliner

Imagine kicking back in a recliner for a quick doze on a languid summer afternoon. Or curling up on a chaise under a blanket as winter weather puts a chill in the air. Cozy and comfortable, a nap nook can be the perfect addition to your home if you’re craving an extra space dedicated to napping, resting, and relaxation.

Lori Vergara, a sales associate at Copenhagen San Antonio, says, “A nap nook can offer you a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the house – somewhere to take time for yourself and clear your thoughts. Every so often, we all need a brief getaway to recharge our batteries so we can give more of ourselves to our family, friends, or spouse.” Indeed, plenty of research supports the claim that napping can reduce stress and fatigue, as well as enhance mood, memory, and work performance.

Whether an afternoon nap is part of your daily routine, or you’re simply seeking a peaceful spot to retreat to once in a while, a nap nook can add a new dimension to the comfort and functionality of your home. Read on for Copenhagen and Lori Vergara’s tips and recommendations for designing a dreamy nap nook.

Choose the Right Location and Ambiance

The ideal location for a nap nook is a quiet corner or area relatively farther away from high-traffic parts of the house. “Consider sound levels and choose a location that’s not too close to distractions that keep you from relaxing, like the noise of the TV or the sounds your family contributes,” Vergara advises.

A nap nook can be carved out in a bedroom, a home office, a less busy corner of a living room, a basement, an attic – or less conventional places like a quiet, amply-sized stairway landing or a corner of a dining room (since nap hours don’t typically co-occur with mealtimes). Some houses will also come with built-in recessed benches or window seats that can easily be converted into a nook for catching a siesta.

In addition to sound, think about what level of light would work best for helping you relax and drift off. Though some of us enjoy curling up by a patch of sunlight, most of us will find it easier to sleep in a dimmer environment. If your nap nook is by a window, consider outfitting it with blackout curtains that you can close if you want to sleep, and keep open if you’d rather engage in another activity like reading, knitting, or meditation.

Alternately, keeping an eye mask and a sound-blocking device like earplugs, noise-canceling handphones, or a white noise machine in your nook can help you shut out the world for a bit if your environment is not as dark or quiet as you’d like.

Finally, Vergara recommends paying attention to ambient temperature. Typically, a slightly cooler room is more conducive to sleep. “However,” she adds, “you don’t want your nook to get too cold or hot, so make sure you can adjust easily adjust the temperature to where you are most comfortable.”

Select Seating for Your Perfect Snooze

Though most nap nooks will not have enough room for a traditional bed, there are plenty of comfortable and versatile alternatives available. An ergonomic, power motion recliner like the Stressless® Max is a prime choice, as it will let you adjust the angle of your back, legs, and head to a position that feels just right. In the seated position, Max can also rock, making it a thoughtfully designed chair for a range of relaxing activities.

Vergara also cites the Venice Recliner, available in both power motion and manual versions, as “one of her favorites.” She explains, “The softness of the leather feels so cozy and the adjustable headrest is the perfect addition for head support. Indeed, the beauty of a recliner is that they make taking a nap or reading a book equally pleasurable.”

A chaise lounge is another option for bringing both comfort and style to your nap nook. Try the Silas Chaise with its vibrant green fabric and included pillow, or the Caveoso Chaise with its ample seat and elegant combination of fabric and leather upholstery.

If you’re looking for maximal versatility, the best seating for your nap nook may be a sleeper sofa, sleeper chair, or daybed. You may especially enjoy the Monika Loveseat Sleeper, with its innovative design that allows one half of the sofa to be pulled out at a time. The Monika Chair Sleeper is ideal for a small space and just the right size for one person to take a quick snooze – or even for a guest to stay the night.

Finally, if you’re designating a built-in alcove or window seat as your nap nook, make sure to pad it with high-quality cushioning that’s both soft and supportive.

Cater to Comfort with Complement Furniture

Secondary furniture and accessories can round out your nook to make it extra cozy and functional. For instance, a throw blanket and at least one pillow with a removable and washable cover are essential additions for taking restful naps. Vergara also recommends adding a side table to your nook for setting down items like a glass of water, headphones, or your smartphone. She says, “The Bink Table comes to mind because its simple design makes it easy to move around, and it also comes in five colors to match the decor of any room.”

If reading is an activity that helps you unwind for a nap, consider placing a small shelf in your nook. For instance, the Nautilus Bookcase has curved shelf dividers, a pearl embossed finish, and a modular design that lets it stand alone, be stacked, or be placed side by side with another unit. And don’t forget a floor or table lamp for reading on cloudy days – a lamp like the Royyo has a tiltable head and a built-in USB port so you can charge your device as you take time to recharge.

Vergara also recommends “decorating your nook with soothing art, like a nice painting or photograph that brings you enjoyment and relaxes you.” Perhaps you would like the soothing blue flowers of So Lovely In Hand, or the placid atmosphere of Summer Boat. Lastly, it can be worth adding an aromatherapy diffuser to your nap nook, so you can enjoy scents that help you sleep, like lavender or chamomile.

“Sometimes when you feel exhausted, stressed, or overwhelmed, it’s very helpful to sit in a quiet, cozy place and let yourself just breathe,” Vergara states. If you’re looking to enhance the restfulness of your home, a nap nook might be just the ticket. Browse our collection online or visit us in-person and let our sales and design team take you to new heights of relaxation.