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Sleep in Splendor: A Guide to ALF’s “Bella” Bedroom Sets

Bella Borgata bedroom set by ALF

From crisp lacquer to textured wood, ALF Italia has distinguished themselves internationally for their strikingly elegant, seamlessly coordinated furniture sets. ALF – standing for Artigiana Legno Francenigo – was originally founded in 1951 as an artisan cooperative by a group of carpenters. In 1957, the Piovesana family took over ownership, and ALF remains a family business to this day.

A Legacy of Fine Craftsmanship

The Piovesanas strive to infuse their passion for design in everything they produce. “Within each ALF Italia product, you’ll discover the distinct personalities [of our family] shaping its essence: the warmth of Oliviero, the determination of Cristina, and the courage of Piero,” says the official ALF site.

Though ALF creates furniture for every room of the house, they are perhaps especially known for their bedroom sets. Encompassing many styles, finishes, and textures, these bedroom collections are nonetheless united by beautiful craftsmanship and modern panache. Indeed, the ALF design team draws continual inspiration for their furniture from the culture surrounding them – “In our dedication to honor our rich history and heritage, we [aim] to infuse every collection with the essence of our Italian roots.”

If you’re looking to escape into bliss with a bedroom set that feels perfect for you, ALF has you covered. All ALF bedroom sets conveniently include Queen and King beds, a nightstand, a dresser, and a high chest, with many sets also including a mirror, a vanity, or a California King bed. The thoughtful design of these furnishings allows them to be paired seamlessly with others in the same set – or to be mixed and matched with a range of contemporary interiors. Here’s a guide to each of the stunning ALF sets we carry at Copenhagen.

Light & Ethereal

A light-toned bedroom creates an airy and refreshing ambiance, heightened by the addition of high-gloss lacquer – “Glossy surfaces reflect light and add depth, creating a scenic effect,” says ALF.

Bella Avorio: Soft ivory with mod accents

True to its name derived from the Italian for “ivory,” the Bella Avorio collection is unified by its off-white koto high gloss lacquer. Avorio’s subtle yet elegant details include incised lines on the headboard that add architectural flair, and contrasting orientations of wood grain on all pieces that invite a second look. The dressers and nightstand feature square drawer handles in darker metal for a chic accent.

Bella Farfalla: Crisp and balanced in glossy white

The Bella Farfalla set is finished in glossy white lacquer that lends it an airy and graceful look – just like its name, Italian for “butterfly,” would suggest. The headboard on the bed is made of three lightly curved horizontal panels. Dark grey metal strips form the drawer pulls, built flush with the fronts for a smooth look. Bella Farfalla has an overall impression of clean symmetry – except for the asymmetrically designed dresser, which adds visual intrigue.

Bella Vita: White and weightless with geometric flair

Our second ALF set in high gloss white, Bella Vita has a more asymmetrical aesthetic with a slightly “lighter” feel compared to Farfalla. Both the headboard and case goods feature a geometric pattern of staggered rectangular blocks. The dressers and nightstands have clear methacrylate feet for a “floating” look, and the vanity has a storage compartment built with a flip-up mirror. If you crave the lightness of Bella Vita in other rooms of your home, the collection also includes a dining set and TV base.

Dark & Distinguished

Dark tones create a sense of boldness, yet refinement, in a bedroom. The use of richly veneered wood amplifies this effect – “[Wood creates] a warm atmosphere with the grain recalling the natural origins of the product,” states ALF.

Matte collections

Bellami: Less is more with matte brown oak

Available in both bedroom and office sets, the Bellami collection is understated and classic with its matte oak eco-veneer in brown-tinted grey. Contemporary accents enhancing this set include LED lighting in the layered headboard, directionally contrasting wood grain panels, and drawer fronts with one side recessed for a dimensional look.

Bella Luna: Streamlined style in black and chrome

A darker-toned version of Bellami, Bella Luna offers a matte black pine finish with chrome accents – a combination that feels minimalist yet timeless. This collection has the same LED headboard, contrasting wood grain, and recessed drawer fronts as its lighter counterpart, with the addition of a metallic border around the headboard for an extra touch of glamor.


Glossy collections

Bella Centro: Monochrome oasis in grey and black

Sleek and neutral, Bella Centro features a grey silverwood high gloss finish complemented by matte black metal accents. The headboard is upholstered in black eco-leather with vertical stitching, and horizontal drawer pulls on the case goods make it easy to access the spacious compartments within. If you love this look, Bella Centro is also available as a dining set and TV base.

Bella Grigio: Deep greys meet bold geometry

The Bella Grigio collection is instantly striking with its dark grey koto high gloss finish adorned with chrome metal handles. Bella Grigio’s design makes use of recessed paneling to create silhouettes that have a unique geometric look. Relax in the Bella Grigio bed with mood lighting offered by the LED headboard, enrich your self-care with the matching dressing table, or outfit other spaces in coordinated style with the Bella Grigio dining set, TV base, or office set.

Bella Nuova: Seamless mix of glossy and matte brown

With elegant shades of brown, Bella Nuova embodies sophistication by mixing two complementary finishes – a high-gloss rim-surfaced oak veneer, and a matte lacquer with a textural grain surface. Whether you’re lounging in the Bella Nuova bed under the integrated LED lights, brightening a room with the Bella Nuova mirror's abstract design, or getting work done with the matching Bella Nuova office set, you’ll be doing it all in style.

Magnificently Multitextured

These newer collections show a daring artistry in their mix of materials, utilizing “dynamic color palettes [that] add character to a room and create a captivating visual impact.”

Bella Borgata: Walnut and matte bronze unite

Taking its name from the Italian for “small village,” the Bella Borgata collection nonetheless presents cosmopolitan refinement with its blend of smooth walnut eco-veneer and matte bronze lacquer with a subtle banded texture. Bella Borgata’s clean lines and crisp angles are further accentuated by its tall, layered headboard with inset LEDs and the lighter bronze metal of its drawer pulls and legs.

Bella Clara: Graceful interplay of wood, lacquer, and leather

Luxurious yet comfortable, the Bella Clara collection is full of rich materials and distinctive details that reward a closer look. The walnut wood features a laser-cut fluted texture that plays off the brushed beige-grey high gloss lacquer with a cross-hatched pattern and smooth surface. Zigzag quilted stitching embellishes the grey eco-leather headboard with included LEDs, and the brushed brass drawer pulls and feet add suave accents. Expand your collection with the matching Bella Clara dining set, TV base, and desk.

Bella Ruggente: Unique opulence, from gold lacquer to eco-stone

The Bella Ruggente set boasts a magnificent combination of materials and textures that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It starts with a walnut veneer that immediately catches the eye with its channeled surface, softened by a matte gold lacquer, and further enhanced by grey and white eco-stone. With grey eco-leather panels on the headboard, uniquely shaped legs on the case goods, and gently rounded silhouettes, Bella Ruggente is the epitome of modern luxury. Pair with the matching dining set, TV base, and desk to complete your collection.

ALF is dedicated to continual innovation in design, saying, “We [strive] to move ahead of the curve with aesthetic trends, introducing furniture that can interpret the shapes of the future.” Whether you prefer a simplified look or are drawn to something more sumptuous, there’s an ALF bedroom set that’s right for nearly everyone. Check out the ALF collections available at Copenhagen and discover a beautifully curated world of comfort and style.