Qwerty Desk

Product Number 1593138

The Qwerty desk by Cattelan Italia makes a strong visual impact with angular lines and linear surface structure. Though ultra quirky and fun looking, the compact-sized Qwerty Desk is nothing short of functional. Inspired by the practicality and convenience of the famous QWERTY keyboard, this eye-catching contemporary desk features an MDF top with elevated corner panels and svelte stainless steel legs set in a distinctive cross position.

The desk will bring a chic look to any modern workspace.

Qwerty DeskQwerty Desk
Size: L 47 1/4"W 27 3/4"H 32 3/4"
Availability: In Stock
Currently on display in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, San Antonio, Austin

Price: $2,311.00

Qwerty Desk

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