Martin with Heart Small Elf

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To celebrate Klarborg's 30 year anniversary, Klarborg's founder Etly has re-designed Martin - the first elf she ever designed, named, and gave his own personality. Etly has always designed her elves with her heart and believes that their most important duty is to remind us that we have many people who love us. That is why the new Martin holds a big heart.

"The first Elf to get its own name was Martin. Named after my oldest son. I got the idea one night when Martin was wiggling around in his pyjamas, so the shirt crawled up over his tommy. And that gave me the idea. I need to make an Elf named Martin."

The new Martin has a big heart and reminds us that it is important to love what you do. He comes in a tall - 31.5'' - height, as well as a small size 9.5'' size.

Martin is made in Denmark from ceramic.

Martin with Heart Small ElfMartin with Heart Small ElfMartin with Heart Small Elf
Size: H 9.5''
Availability: In Stock

Price: $59.00

Martin with Heart Small Elf

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