Embody Chair

Product Number 1224126

The Embody Chair is scientifically engineered to mediate the effects of daily stresses, routines, and tiredness on the body through its innovative Pixelated Support feature and body positioning. The Pixelated Support consists of a dynamic web of movement sensitive “pixels” that respond to the body’s smallest movements. The angle at which the Embody positions the back and legs has been clinically proven to lower heart rates and increase blood and oxygen flow, improving focus and alacrity. The Embody is a product of what designers Weber and Stumpf term “empathetic design” and will greatly ease and comfort both mind and body.

Available in Black Balance fabric with a graphite base and frame. Other features include adjustable armrests and carpet casters.

Embody ChairEmbody ChairEmbody Chair
Size: L 29 1/2"H 39 1/2'' - 43''
Available for special order in a wide variety ofcolored fabrics, as well as several base and frame finishes. Option to order with or without adjustable armrests.
Availability: In Stock
Currently on display in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Tucson, San Antonio, Austin

Price: $1,635.00

Embody Chair

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