The Copenhagen collection houses furniture created by both up-and-coming and iconic designers from diverse design traditions. Since 1970, Copenhagen has been and continues to be, a design destination, or contemorary showcase, of designers worldwide.

John Mortensen John Mortensen

John Mortensen - an internationally renowned Danish architect and furniture designer - began his career in 1959 after graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and earning highest distinctions. Mortensen started out as a cabinet maker for Christensen and Larsen and slowly transitioned into designing dining, office, and living room furniture for Danish and international furniture manufacturers.

Throughout his career, Mortensen has specialized in woodwork, creating each of his prototypes in his personal workshop before sending them on for production. He shapes, carves, and crafts wooden furniture with sophistication and finesse. As such, his designs have quickly become mid-century modern classics.

Copenhagen is proud to feature original designs by Mortensen in the Copenhagen collection. To see more of Mortensen's design work, check out his gallery at!

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Louis Lara Louis Lara
United States

Louis Lara designs with the talent of a sculptor. His designs are characterized by a natural sense of balance, form, and grace as he creates simple, stunning, and timeless pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

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Andrea Lucatello Andrea Lucatello

Andrea Lucatello - an industrial designer based in Treviso, Italy - is an accomplished international designer with extensive experience, creativity, and knowledge of his craft. Lucatello specializes in interior and nautical design and, as part of the design process, experiments with manufacturing techniques for different types of materials. His design pieces are characterized by distinctive lines, angles, and details and are intensely original.

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lucatello 1
lucatello 3
lucatello 2
Says Who Says Who

Says Who is a dynamic design duo comprised of Nikolaj and Kasper from Aarhus, Denmark. Says Who's work represents the best of Scandinavian design with simple, minimalist, and functional pieces that quickly become stand-out favorites in your home.

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blaise designer
Mathias Mouritsen Mathias Mouritsen

Mathias Mouritsen - a design graduate - has always been passionate about furniture design. He has a simple and minimalist style that features clean lines and elegant composition, drawing from Nordic traditions of design and craftsmanship.

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bow mathias
Bertil Stam Bertil Stam

Bertil Stam - a graduate of Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002, is known for his minimalistic Scandinavian design style infused with a touch of retro. Stam derives passion and inspiration from his work and has quickly become a successful designer with international experience.
Tone Kvello Tone Kvello

Tone Kvello earned her bachelor's degree in Product Design at Oslo and Akershus University College and later her Masters degree at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). In 2008, she joined the Ekornes Stressless YOU team as an industrial designer, where she works to revolutionize comfort through the creation of contemporary, high quality reclining chairs and sofas.

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Ekor. YOU
Dondoli and Pocci Dondoli and Pocci

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, both talented designers from Italy, first met at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. In 1983, the duo united to start their studio Archirivolto - an industrial design and architecture firm located near Siena. Dondoli and Pocci integrate their nuanced understanding of technology, materials, and manufacturing processes into their design work, creating cutting-edge contemporary pieces that are admired by design lovers around the globe. They received international acclaim for their creations, winning the 2011 iF Design Award and the 2012 Interior Innovation Award.

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Dondoli and Pocci
dondoli and pocci 2
Al Glass Al Glass
United States

Al Glass, a talented designer for BDI, is well known for his clean, simple, and sophisticated design style. In his work, he uses simple proportions to design pieces that are contemporary classics, often adding subtle, distinctive details that set his work apart. Glass' unique details are inspired by his love of the beach and coastal life.

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elements al glass
Jason Guidry Jason Guidry
United States

Jason Guidry, one of BDI's leading designers, approaches the design process with a focus on the aesthetic and experiential aspects of design. He is passionate about creating pieces that are exemplary in both form and function. As a result, Guidry's work is characterized by fine attention to detail and subtle, artistic touches that distinguish piece of furniture as a work of art.

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elements jason guidry
Bjørn Wiinblad Bjørn Wiinblad

Bjørn Wiinblad, born in 1918, was a Danish painter, designer, and artist who was best known for his work with ceramics, metals, and graphics. Throughout his successful career, he worked as a poster designer for Denmark's Tivoli Gardens and for renowned organizations such as the Royal Danish Ballet and New World Symphony Orchestra, designing costumes, graphics, and art. Notably, he worked with Rosendahl Porcelain Company, creating dinnerware and home decor that is admired for its superior detail and craftsmanship. Wiinblad's work frequently features the motif of round-faced people in 19th-century clothing. He weaves in natural elements like trees, vines, flowers, and fruits, sometimes with bold colors and metal accents, or often in black and white.

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Jan Armgardt Jan Armgardt

Jan Armgardt, an internationally recognized German designer, began his career by studying all aspects of the furniture building profession. Apprenticing with interior decorators, upholsterers, and welders and joiners enabled him to establish solid foundation of knowledge and expertise that he draws upon as both a master designer and professor/academic.

Armgardt is known for his environmental consciousness and belief that creating durable, high quality furniture helps to reduce material waste and conserve resources. Though Armgardt has his own studio and small-scale manufacturing company, he collaborates with a wide range of furniture manufacturers and design companies to develop new merchandise- all the while remaining keen on further influencing and educating those in the furniture industry about the importance of conscientious design.

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Per Weiss Per Weiss

Per Weiss, a design professional based in Denmark, has had a successful and varied career as a musician, architect, and industrial designer. After attending the Aarhus School of Architecture and graduating with a degree in industrial design, Weiss went on to work with several prestigious Danish architects and the Danish furniture manufacturer Innovation. He is currently the Creative Director of Innovation Living Design Office International and spearheads the creation and design of new collections. Weiss is known for drawing inspiration from traditional Scandinavian design, fashion, and lifestyle trends and designs furniture that is timeless yet contemporary.

wing sofa weiss
Wilhelm Bolinth Wilhelm Bolinth

Wilhelm Bolinth collaborates primarily with German furniture manufacturer W. Schilling to create high-quality, contemporary leather furniture. Bolinth has a natural understanding of the designs and furniture that people will welcome into their homes and uses his unique creative vision to develop eye-catching and comfortable bedroom and living room furniture. Bolinth's style deeply influences the design of W. Schilling's leather furniture and is recognizable by the fine detail and sophisticated elegance worked into every piece.

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dana sectional bolinth
Emil Thorup Emil Thorup

Emil Thorup, born and raised in Denmark, has had a diverse and eclectic career that has taken him across the globe, in front of audiences, and over the radio. In Denmark, he is best known for his role as a TV and radio host and lecturer, though his talents also extend into the fields of architecture, design, and entrepreneurism. From a young age, Thorup nurtured a strong appreciation for aesthetics and style and taught himself the principles of architecture and design. In collaboration with the company Kalmar Huse, Thorup designed the Kalmar house—a luxurious and modern prefab home that is praised for its minimalism and use of contrasting colors and materials.

In 2015, Thorup became involved with furniture design and founded the company HANDVÄRK, which has its headquarters and manufacturing based in Denmark. Thorup places a premium on creating long-lasting, high quality furniture using natural, sustainable materials like marble, brass, and aniline leather. His design philosophy centers on the idea that sustainably sourced and conscientiously chosen materials should be used to create simple, functional furniture that becomes more striking and attractive with age.

A premium selection of HANDVÄRK’s dining tables, desks, and daybeds can be found in the Copenhagen collection. Copenhagen is the only furniture store in the United States that carries HANDVÄRK furniture.

Handvark Emil Thorup
Handvark Daybed
Henrik Pedersen Henrik Pedersen

Henrik Pedersen, founder of 365-north design studio in Aarhus, Denmark, believes in “lifestyle-based design” that is practical, functional, and beautiful. Pedersen started his career as a fashion designer and, as his career progressed, integrated his penchant for mathematics with his passion for design. His furniture and lighting designs have a natural symmetry that combines contrasting motifs—neutral and striking colors, sloping curves and sharp angles—with finesse and balance. Classic comfort with a modern twist.

The Copenhagen Collection houses Pedersen’s “Hug” series, produced in collaboration with the Danish design house Wendelbo Interiors.

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Simon Legald Simon Legald

Simon Legald, a Danish designer based in Copenhagen, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 and gained international renown only three years later for an innovative line of furniture initiated during his years at the Academy. Legald’s “Form” collection, produced in collaboration with Normann Copenhagen, merges minimalist aesthetics with simple function. The Form collection includes molded shell chairs, armchairs, barstools, and dining tables—all of which feature natural wood or steel frames affixed to the chair or tabletop using Legald’s unique mounting system. The high-quality craftsmanship of Form products using practical, durable materials ensures long-lasting comfort and design that adds style to any type of dining, living, or work space.

The simple, sophisticated nature of Legald’s Form collection is a true reflection of his design philosophy, which equally emphasizes aesthetics and function. Legald centers his designs around the concepts of honesty and simplicity and tries to bring out the natural beauty and “identity” of an entity by adding only the most necessary details and finishes.

Legald’s designs have quickly become essential elements of the Copenhagen collection.

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Form legald
Rick Lee Rick Lee
United States

Rick Lee, a San Francisco-based industrial designer, is inspired by the quotidian, believing that creative design is based upon spontaneity and experimentation. He unites the everyday with the unexpected, giving rise to minimalist designs often infused with subtle whimsy. Lee’s work incorporates a variety of materials and influences—a style that he likens to “California cuisine” in that he merges initially dissimilar elements to create original modern designs.

Though Rick Lee’s studio is in San Francisco, his design career has taken shape through his experiences collaborating with both American and international design firms. After earning his industrial design degree and working with furniture manufacturers in Chicago, Lee traveled to Milan to join Studio Alchimia, which is known for its avant-garde and Bauhus designs. Lee then went on to open his studio in San Francisco, where he collaborates with large furniture manufacturers as well as private individuals. His work been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Dwell to name a few, as well as photographed in the homes of celebrities like Michael Jordan.

Rick Lee has collaborated with Elite Modern furniture to create the products pictured below, all of which are available in our Copenhagen showrooms.

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rick lee uptown
Patrick Selmay Patrick Selmay

Patrick Selmay, based in Quebec, Canada, has led a successful career as a both a furniture designer and entrepreneur. After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering, Selmay went on to establish his own furniture manufacturing company called Mobican in 1988, where he has continued to serve as Chief Executive Officer. Since its founding, Mobican has remained a family-owned and operated company and dedicated itself to producing top quality, affordable furniture. The bedroom, dining, and living room sets manufactured by Mobican have a distinctly contemporary, Scandinavian style and are constructed of high quality woods that are long-lasting and beautiful.

Copenhagen carries bedroom and dining room furniture designed by Mobican, as well as media chests.

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mefu bella banner
Matt Weatherly Matt Weatherly
United States

Matt Weatherly, based in the United States, has gained wide acclaim for his designs produced in collaboration with the American furniture company BDI. Weatherly, inspired by Danish modern design, attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts to enhance his understanding of architecture and woodworking and earned a degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

At BDI, Weatherly has specialized in designing office suites, media consoles, and work modules that are versatile, functional, and modern. His work incorporates wood, glass, and metal materials with minimalist finesse, reflecting his dedication to creating aesthetically innovative furniture that is highly functional and designed with nature in mind.

Weatherly’s award winning Corridor media console and bar and Sequel Wall Mount Desk are part of the Copenhagen collection, as are many of his other pieces.

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Kite Shelf Weatherly
Kronos Weatherly
Corridor Weatherly
BDI corridor office Weatherly
Duo Desk Weatherly
Hans Wegner Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner, a Danish furniture designer and architect who started his career in the early 1930s, is one of the most prolific designers of his time. Internationally recognized as an innovator in the realm of furniture design, Wegner forged a path by creating his own distinctive style and merchandise. Wegner is known for drawing upon design traditions from different eras and cultures and shaping his products, primarily chairs, into works of modern minimalism. His background in cabinetmaking enabled him to create his own method of working with wood—a skill that is evident from the variety of forms and shapes his chairs assume. By the end of his career, he had designed over 500 chairs, many of which have become iconic in the design world.

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GamFratesi GamFratesi
Denmark & Italy

GamFratesi Design Studio, established in 2006 by furniture architects Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, merge Danish and Italian design techniques and approaches to create furniture that represents a fusion of both traditions. GamFratesi base their approach to design on the Danish values of simplicity and functionalism and the Italian ideals of intellectualism and precision. Their work is highly experimental as they endeavor to use the conceptual—i.e. cultural contrasts, emotions, and stories—to drive their craft and creativity.

The furniture produced by this design duo blurs the distinction between traditional and modern motifs and delights the eye with subtle, stunning details and colors. Such work that explores cultural, temporal, and national boundaries is truly unique and holds both intellectual and aesthetic value.

GamFratesi’s Beetle Chairs, produced in collaboration with GUBI design house, can be found in the Copenhagen collection.

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Frans Schrofer Frans Schrofer

Frans Schrofer, a Dutch furniture designer based in the Netherlands, bases his design philosophy on the principles of simplicity, functionality, practicality, and elegance. The desks, tables, and dining room furniture he designs mix traditional and contemporary elements that have high aesthetic and functional value.

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SUWO-FS7,TK.703BG resize
Fillmore Harty Fillmore Harty
United States

Fillmore Harty collaborates primarily with W. Schillig furniture company to create high quality, comfortable furniture for the home. Harty bases his design philosophy on the idea that furniture design reflects the lifestyles and fashions of the time. As such, he works to produce designs that will be respected and appreciated by generations to come.

Christian Rudolph-Christiansen Christian Rudolph-Christiansen

Christian Rudolph Christiansen, a self-taught Danish designer, finds inspiration through international travel to America and Asia. He specializes in designing retro sofas that have a more minimalist, masculine design style.

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Carl Muller Carl Muller
United States

Throughout his career, Carl Muller—an independent furniture designer located in Seal Beach, California—has fostered a strong partnership with the American furniture manufacturer Elite Modern, producing an impressive array of desks, tables, and work suites for the home and office. After graduating from California State University with a degree in Industrial Design, Muller has gone on to collaborate with Elite and other large manufacturers, all the while maintaining and further developing his contemporary style.

Muller works to make each of his designs aesthetically innovative and functional while maintaining an affordable price-point. When designing a new item, he considers global design trends and marketplace factors as he chooses materials and styles—a practice that speaks to his interconnectedness to the current design community.

Copenhagen is proud to carry many of Muller’s premier designs, all of which can be viewed below as part of the Copenhagen collection.

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muller banner
Per Hånsbæk Per Hånsbæk

Per Hånsbæk, a Danish architect and furniture designer, has collaborated with the Danish furniture company Skovby for over 25 years, creating dining room tables, chairs, sideboards, and display cabinets with superior craftsmanship, elegance, and functionality. Skovby describes Hånsbæk as “the architect of dining room functionality”—a moniker that speaks to his belief that good design is inseparable from considerations of practicality and use.

As can be observed by studying his designs in the Copenhagen collection, Hånsbæk strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. His dining room tables, in particular, expand with innovative and simple mechanisms and seamlessly adapt to needs of every household.

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Lars Wendelbo Lars Wendelbo

Since assuming responsibility for Wendelbo Interiors in 1989, Lars Wendelbo has led a distinguished design and business career. Under his leadership, the Danish company Wendelbo Interiors—originally founded in 1955 as a custom-made sofa craft shop—has earned wide recognition and praise as a leading manufacturer of Scandinavian upholstered furniture. Wendelbo’s designs can be characterized as minimalist and contemporary, mixing fabrics, lines, and materials with ease and harmony.

Copenhagen is one of the only Wendelbo retailers in the United States and houses his designs in each of our showroom locations.