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Why Are Sit-Stand Desks Taking Over Office Spaces?

A sit stand desk is designed to help people get blood circulating and stay healthier by allowing them to adjust the height of a desk up or down throughout the day. While some of these desks use automated technology that enables them to adjust with the touch of a button, most of the desks use simple levers or toggles to move the desk up and down. This way you can spend part of your day sitting at your desk and part of your day standing, without needing to lean over to type.

Why Choose Copenhagen for Chairs?

Are you searching for the ideal chair for your dining room, living room, or office space? If so, be sure to check out the wealth of options available from the Copenhagen chairs collection. Whether you are looking for something formal or comfy and casual, Copenhagen has a large selection of options to choose from, brought to you by iconic designers all over the world.

Choosing a Copenhagen Sofa for Your Home

One of most important pieces of furniture in nearly any home is the living room sofa.  Just as important as the dining room table when it comes to creating lasting memories, your Copenhagen sofa is a central gathering point where your family will spend time bonding and relaxing. This is why it’s important to choose a sofa that encourages your family to get together and offers plenty of comfort.

What Makes Danish Furniture Different?

 In recent years, Scandinavian and Danish furniture shops have popped up all over the US, offering an interesting take on what it means to furnish a home or office space. Unlike America’s heavily ornate colonial pieces, Danish furniture focuses on more of a minimalist design. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants to do away with the clutter and overwhelming filigree, and get back to basics.

All You Need to Know About Platform Bed Styles

Thanks to their simple, yet effective, design, platform beds remain a popular option when it comes to comfort and practicality when it comes to designing your bedroom. In such a dynamic era of changing furniture designs, it takes some doing for a design to last for that long! Each style of platform bed has distinct features that make it stand out. Without proper knowledge of the different styles, it can be difficult to buy the most appropriate one for your bedroom. Here is a look at the various platform bed styles available on the market today.
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