Why Modern End Tables Are Becoming a Mainstay

Considering how handy end tables can be, they really are a bargain. Many modern end tables are stylish and easily movable. This…
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3 Tips on How to Shop for Home Office Furniture

Whether you are a freelancer, business owner, or you are studying for your exams from home, it’s important to create a working…
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Collaborative Office Vignette by Paola Gotay

Copenhagen Interior Designer Paola Gotay designed a collaborative workspace for the 21st century professional.
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"Playful Dining" Vignette by Will Joffroy

Copenhagen Interior Designer Will Joffroy designed the "Playful Dining" vignette to create a colorful, versatile dining space…
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Make Office Life Fun with the BDI LIFT and LIFT Stool

Why does working in the office have to be that boring? Well, if you are wise enough to shop for specialized office furniture,…
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