Hide-Bracer Leather Conditioner Cleaner

Product Number 284689

Hide Bracer Conditioner and Cleaner Features

One step process - easy to use
Reduces damage from improper care
Protects leather with a barrier against dirt and spills
It guards and reduces ultraviolet fading
Helps prevent leathers from drying and cracking
Maintains and increase the natural feel or “hand” of fine leather
Repels dirt and grime keeping leather clean and soft
Safe for bright and light pastel fashion tones
Helps remove scratches from oiled or pull-up waxed leathers

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Condition one area at a time messaging throughly onto the leather area with a soft white clean cloth allowing Hide-Bracer to penetrate evenly. Use the same cloth to remove any excess conditioner and buff area to a soft luster. Do not leave Hide-Bracer on the surface area wet and left to dry.

Application is easy, just apply to the area size of one seat cushion then turn over cloth and buff dry.

Hide-Bracer Leather Conditioner Cleaner
Size: L N/AW N/AH N/A
Availability: In stock

Price: $15.00

Hide-Bracer Leather Conditioner Cleaner

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