Form Counterstool

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The Form Counterstool is a versatile and attractive piece whose sculptural qualities and modern design make it suitable for any living or dining space. Its shell is made from stain-proof plastic and is shaped to provide maximum comfort, connecting to the natural wood legs in such a way that the legs seem to extend organically from the seat. Treat the Form counterstool with a little respect (and extremely minimal maintenance) and you will have a beautiful barstool to enjoy for a lifetime.

Available in grey molded plastic with a natural oak base, or in white molded plastic with walnut legs. Also available in the same plastic/wood options in a barstool model (25.5 inches in height) and dining chair models.

Designed by Simon Legald

Form CounterstoolForm CounterstoolForm Counterstool
Size: L N/AW N/AH 25 1/2"
Available for special order in a variety of molded plastic colors and leg finish combinations.
Availability: In stock

Price: $289.00

Form Counterstool
Form Counterstool

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