"Guest Suite 2017" Bedroom Vignette

Copenhagen Interior Designer Maurice Brantley designed the bedroom vignette "Guest Suite 2017" around the concepts of travel and…
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Improve Your Office Productivity with FLEXA Office Chair

If you are looking for a modern office chair that not only offers comfort but has an equal measure of style, quality and flair,…
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Make Office Life Fun with the BDI LIFT and LIFT Stool

Why does working in the office have to be that boring? Well, if you are wise enough to shop for specialized office furniture,…
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Discover Unmatched Versatility and Functionality with a Copenhagen Buffet

Utility pieces owe their reputation to the versatility they offer in terms of functionality. Ranked highly in the list of some…
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Have You Considered a Modern Round Dining Table?

A dining table must be large enough for the number of people dining, with enough space for them to walk around. The table should…
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