Why the Odense Expandable Table is Perfect for Your Dining Room

The Odense round dining room table by Skovby is an impressive piece of furniture, but what is it that makes this particular…
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How to Make Your Dining Room Feel Bigger

If you love to entertain, you may be faced with the very real possibility that your guest list has exceeded the capacity of your…
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Using Your Sideboard as the Focal Point of Your Space

A sideboard is more than just an accent against your wall. With a little care, it can serve as the focal point of any great…
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Three Steps to Choosing a Floor Lamp

Choosing a floor lamp doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but there are definitely some things you should consider before…
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Reduce Strain On Your Eyes With a Desk Lamp

In place of bright ambient lights, you can count on a desk lamp to get the job done. A desk lamp can come in just about any…
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